Drive D: has password - how to remove it.........

  Diemmess 08:24 16 Feb 08

....without losing any of the D: drive contents?

Angry, frustrated son phoned last night. His student daughter's laptop had developed Internet access problems.
(I am always blamed for any computer malfunction because I have helped before!)

To summarise, we took the one way trip of restoring a 4 month old Acronis backup from D: partition. Mercifully it is fully functional again.

Yes, he did rescue data first, BUT he had password protected that drive and it took him some time to remember the password!

To save the panic of last night from recurring - How can he be rid of the password call which blocks this partition?

  crosstrainer 08:27 16 Feb 08

Version Diemmess?

  Technotiger 08:44 16 Feb 08

I am assuming that you are referring to the Password option offered in Acronis when making a Full Backup - if so, make another Full Backup but when asked if you want to enter a Password, leave it BLANK. Delete any earlier Full Backups and Incrementals etc.

  Diemmess 09:02 16 Feb 08

Sorry should have said XP SP2, probably Home

Until I see for myself it seems that a partition (D:) set aside for backups, has a password set preventing access to the drive contents.
The password is known but its presence is unnecessary and inconvenient.

Can it be removed in Disk Manager or some other built in feature?

  Technotiger 09:29 16 Feb 08

I think it is more likely that the password he set up was the Acronis Option I mentioned earlier, rather than the actual Drive D:

  Diemmess 09:59 16 Feb 08

Thanks, I can see your point.

A lovely morning, and Saturday too, doubtless precious to my working son. The last thing he wants is to be held indoors today.

I will have to go and explore for myself.
I think from the time it took to restore, probably everything on that computer will be on C:

At the worst I can format that drive D: and get him to use it as intended as a first place to store data and backups.

Really important stuff will be archived elsewhere.

  Diemmess 16:27 17 Feb 08

A bit of a cul-de-sac

Laptop is working normally after restoring the old-ish Acronis backup.
G-daughter happy, my son less twitchy, and who am I to interfere?

Maybe I can convince them it would be sensible to keep all the iTunes etc away from drive C:

At least my son asked if it might help to assemble an External (USB) drive. I think he was pleased when I gave him a spare WD 40Gb HD "to be getting on with."

  Technotiger 16:37 17 Feb 08

As long as it is all "happy families" again .... Cheers.

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