drive D ?

  podlod 13:32 04 Jan 08

Hi, every disc I now place in drive D does not seem to work, does that mean drive D has collapsed or is there some thing I should do to get it started, help!!!!

  podlod 13:37 04 Jan 08

no wait , my old discs work but not my 2 new discs dont? yet they worked before I uninstalled them and tried to install them again, what is the prob, please help??

  silverous 13:52 04 Jan 08

You can't uninstall a disk, you uninstall a program. What exactly did you install/uninstall?

If you are saying that a disk that previously worked now doesn't it sounds like a disk issue - are there scratches on it?

When you say they don't work - are you saying they don't "autorun" or that if you go to the D: drive in, say, windows explorer there's nothing there or you get an error?

  Pamy 14:33 04 Jan 08

are you talking about DVD/CD discs that you put into a DVD/CD drive or, are you talking about Hard Disc Drives ?

  podlod 14:42 04 Jan 08

hi,i uninstalled 2 games from my programe and re- installed and they do not re- install when i run them back in the drive d? but the old ones do, and yes i have cleaned the discs

  Pamy 14:52 04 Jan 08

Why do you install your games in drive D? and is drive D a separate HDD or a partition ?

  silverous 15:35 04 Jan 08

Pamy - I think (based on the fact he talks about old discs/two new discs working/not working) he's talking about DVD/CD in a D: drive which is a CD/DVD drive but I'll wait for him/her to answer your question on that.

Podlod> You are not being particularly clear about exactly what is going on. When you say you "run them back in the drive d" are you saying that you put in a CD/DVD disk and you expect it to automatically start installing but it doesn't? Or that you get an error or something when you try this?

I've already asked this question (re: autorun above) and Pamy has asked if you are referring to CD/DVD. We can easily help you but you need to answer our questions!

  Pamy 15:45 04 Jan 08

i uninstalled 2 games from my programe and re- installed and they do not re- install when i run them back in the drive d?

This is the part I cannot understand

  silverous 16:21 04 Jan 08

He means he went into Add/Remove programs, uninstalled 2 games, when he puts the disks in the CD/DVD drive to re-install them they aren't re-installing. That is my reading of it but it ain't easy.

I think this is an autorun thing.

podlod> If my assessment is correct, and assuming you are using Windows XP, click Start, then Run, type d: and click OK. You should see any programs/files that are on the disk. If you can't then that's the problem we need to solve. If you can see files, you could try starting windows explorer and locating the d: drive and right-clicking and choosing "Autorun" if that is an option.

  podlod 08:11 05 Jan 08

hi silverous, yes you are right, and I do have windows XP home.
I did what you said by going to run, typed D, then I clicked what read; File///D:/autorun.inf, and then notepad came on which read; open=launch.exe
If you know what I should do next, please explain in laymans language, thanks again.

  podlod 08:23 05 Jan 08

Hi again, I clicked on drive D which has the icon of the game inside, and a message come across reading; this is not a valid win 32 application. I ran my anti-virus for my PC and it shows 100%clear?

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