Drive activity lights

  Sans le Sou 18:47 05 Jun 05

Hello - I have 2 SATA disks in raid O config. When these disks are working there is no sign of activity on the LED's on the front of the case, presumably because only IDE activity shows up - as when the DVD and CD drives are working. there are no HDD's on the IDE at all, the primary pair are vacant and the secondary pair have the optical drives. Is it possible to have the SATA drives display in the same manner as IDE drives, or should they already do so and I need to sort something out.

Thanks in advance

  Joe R 19:23 05 Jun 05

Sans le Sou,

can only suggest to turn the HDD activity cable, from the case, the other way round.

I have found there is no set format for the case manufacturers, to adhere to.

  Ancient Learner 19:33 05 Jun 05

Not sure what you mean.

I have 2 SATA HDs, not in a raid formation however. The green light, which I assume is the HD 'light' is just on once the PC is booted up. It does not flicker, it just stays on whatever is happening.

Certainly, on my old PC with its PATA drives the light flickered when there was activity, and I've just assumed that this was a) because of a new case/Motherboard or b) SATA drives.

I will follow this with interest.

  Joe R 19:44 05 Jun 05

Ancient Learner,

I have a Lian Li case, and the H/d light only comes on when there is activity.

  Joe R 19:46 05 Jun 05

Ancient Learner,

sorry meant to add, the activity light will probably stay on, as the raid is initiated on boot-up, and will be sensed as constantly running.

  Ancient Learner 20:23 05 Jun 05

But I don't have Raid. ;))

  Joe R 20:29 05 Jun 05

Ancient Learner,

Sorry about that, I've got the attention span of a drunken gnat, and really should read threads correctly.

I've got a sata drive myself, and as I've said I only get flickering when the drive is active.

Now, I think it is definitely, medication and bedtime for me.

Now where did those two large babysitting gentlemen, with the nice white uniforms go to.? :0)

  mattyc_92 21:08 05 Jun 05

Remember at the end of the day, they are only "display lights".... It wont harm your system

On my chasis, it hasn't got a LED for the "on" nor "activity".... If you listen carefully, you can hear the drive being scanned when in use...

  Sans le Sou 21:13 05 Jun 05

I have a static green light which means the power is on and an orange light which is active when the opticals are working and in fact synchronise with the optical drives. There is no activity when the HDD's are working, hence my enquiry.

  Ancient Learner 21:53 05 Jun 05

That sounds just like mine. But who knows if it is right. As mattyc_92 says, I can't think that it really matters.

  Sans le Sou 23:31 05 Jun 05

Yes It is not that important.

Thank you all

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