Dreamweaver/FrontPage templates

  peabody 21:09 08 Jul 07

I tend to use Dreamweaver these days as the templating system is so good; if I change a template all pages attached to it are also updated.
Looking at FrontPage templates, there does not appear to be the same ability to automatically update pages created from a template - or is there?
Can the same functionality be achieved in FrontPage via Themes, Shared Borders or any other means?
As I would want script> tags to appear in the head> and for noscript> tags to appear in the body>, common to all pages, I fear Shared Borders would not be appropriate.
If there's no easy solution, I'll just stick with Dreamweaver.

  Forum Editor 22:42 08 Jul 07

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)?

That's what they are for.

  peabody 12:04 09 Jul 07

CSS - to an extent, but perhaps not neraly enough!

  Gingermum 08:34 12 Jul 07

I've used FP for a long time but wonder why, if you're using Dreamweaver you would want to use FP? Apart from the fact that MS has now replaced it, it's taking a step backwards.
However, to answer your question, you can make global changes to styles by using themes. You can also do a global find/replace, which can be useful and may overcome the problem of your script/noscript tags.
I've taken old FP sites and re-written them using CSS instead of themes and they load so much faster. Amazing.

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