Dreamweaver template problem

  slowhand_1000 16:26 24 Jun 04

After much thought I have decided to rebuild a website that has grown beyond expectations. Up to now each page has been constructed individually. This has its obvious drawbacks, notably any changes to the navigation and links. So I thought I would bite the bullet and start from scratch again using a Dreamweaver MX template.

The problem I have is, the end user of the site likes to have the button of the page being viewed highlighted as in the 'selected state' This was fine using my previous method which was amending the navigation bar for each page, using the 'Show down image initially' option available.

The problem now arises in that, as I see it (which might not be that good) the navigation bar has to be within a non-editable region so that it can update all pages that use it.

But if I make the nav bar editable in the template, so as to be able to customise each page to show the 'selected state' button, it will not update all pages when the template nav bar is changed.

As it stands there's about 100 pages on the site. So each time a new button is added it takes me some time to amend them all.


  woodbexhill 16:17 25 Jun 04

I can see exactly the problem you have encountered. I'm not really sure if there is a way around this. What you need to consider (unless, however, someone can post back with a suitable solution - which I, myself, would be interested to see also) is whether you can afford to spend the large amount of time required individually editing each page or have a site which is far more easier to update and maintain with the minor drawback of the lack of this change of state to the navigational buttons...

  slowhand_1000 12:26 27 Jun 04

It seems it can be done using frames, but I don't want to do that and also using SSI. I can't comment on the SSI option as that is way beyond my knowledge of html.

So I will tick this as resolved and hope the end user will do away with the 'selected'button.

  Gaz 25 06:21 29 Jun 04

umm, frames - dont like.

But, php seems to be the answer - but this would require PHP knowledge.

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