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  beastieboy 16:09 01 Jan 03
  beastieboy 16:09 01 Jan 03


I have a domain with yahoo domainames. They say I can use ASP. When using dreamweaver and trying to get a DSN (Data Source Name) connection, nothing comes back, I havbe uploaded the database to all possible directories, but Dreameaver can't find the database I need to connect to in order to use ASP on my site.

Do I need to change any files on the site? It looks as though Dreamweaver is looking at some .js files, would I need to change these in anyway so that I can use the uploaded database?

Many thanks in advance,

Janusz Jasinski.

P.S. I have tried e-mailing Yahoo but no response yet!

  beastieboy 16:20 01 Jan 03

Please help.

How do I make the server or Dreamweaver recognise that there is a database present which I want to use?


  Forum Editor 16:29 01 Jan 03

and you'll need to create a DSN-less connection to your database file. You can define such a connection only if you know the physical path of the database file on the Yahoo server. You can track this down yourself, but it's a fairly heavyweight subject. A lot depends on the type of database, and you'll find it easier to do if you're using a file-based database (such as MS Access)the .mdb file type. There's not really enough space for me to provide a detailed explanation here - why don't you use the Dreamweaver forum? It's excellent, and you'll find all the help you need there.

Take a look
click here

  beastieboy 17:57 01 Jan 03

I uploaded the database myself if that's of any help, I know where it is on the server.


  beastieboy 18:12 01 Jan 03


  beastieboy 18:30 01 Jan 03


  Forum Editor 18:34 01 Jan 03

do as I suggest? Continually asking for help when you haven't taken advantage of what has been offered isn't going to further your cause.

The Macromedia forums are there for the express purpose of providing help of this nature, and once again I suggest that you go there.

Knowing where the database is on the Yahoo server isn't the the solution to the problem - there's more to it than that. How experienced are you with Dreamweaver and ASP?

  beastieboy 18:38 01 Jan 03

I have been to the Macromedia Forum but though it wise to pursue both avenues. I know Dreamweaver quite well but have recently started on ASP.

I just came to the mad conclusion that maybe someone would help, (just a joke!) but seriously, if anyone knows how to solve this, please help.


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