Dragging Graphics off AOL into Word

  wetterfugal 19:04 08 Feb 03

Using the AOL browser on my win 98 PC I can drag a graphic off a web page, a little + sign accompanies the cursor as I drag onto a Word page and the graphic is copied to Word. I now have new PC, Win XP pro and I can’t do this anymore I have to save as a bitmap.
Is there some setup that I have to do wich I didn't have to do in win98? My version is AOL 8 BETA.

  Djohn 19:10 08 Feb 03

Can you right click and copy, or send to? I'm also on 98se and aol 8. J.

  wetterfugal 19:22 08 Feb 03

Yes I have no problem saving the graphics or send to. It is useful when you are copying tutorials to right click and drag the picture to the page in word then it can be formatted for wordwrap etc. and it is embedded in the document a you don't have the hassle as "save as" and then embedding the file in word which I have not up till now found necessary. If I move the graphic I have to re link the word doc. and if I email the word file I have email the graphics too. That is if I can remember what they were called.

  wetterfugal 15:14 09 Feb 03

I have tried pasting the graphics but it seems as if nothing has happend but I found that the graphic place holder is there which I can select and move and delete but there is no image.

I have not found an image that I have not been able to drag successfully on my win 98 PC, I was wondering if it is symtomatic with Word 2000, The other PC uses Word 97.

  leo49 15:20 09 Feb 03

Don't have AOL[thank God]but just dragged an image off this PCA page into Word 2000 successfully,which perhaps suggests it's not a Word version problem.


  wetterfugal 15:25 09 Feb 03

Thanks for reply I might just have to use the 98 PC to do my copying. regards Victor.

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