drag and drop images

  skinny123 21:41 28 Dec 06

I have tried to search for this topic a few times but there seems to be issues every time.

Ihave heard this term used a few times now. Idon't really understand it. Can i just pick an image in a forum and put it in a post without saving the image to my computer? If so, how?

advanced thanks

  Ashrich 21:58 28 Dec 06

To put an image into a post , right click on it and select " copy image " then wherever you want to put it , right click again and select " paste image " same as copying and pasting a URL or Link .


  skinny123 01:49 29 Dec 06

I thought i had tried that, cheers.

  skinny123 02:16 29 Dec 06

Nope, that aint working Ashrich, that option aint even there when i right click....just copy

  VoG II 09:02 29 Dec 06

To post an image on this forum you need to save it to your PC. Then go to a site like click here click Browse, locate the image that you saved then click 'host it!'. A new page will load with a set of links to your image. Copy the bottom one, 'Direct link to image', and paste it here.

  SLAYER 10:46 29 Dec 06

Very helpful VoG.

  skinny123 14:43 29 Dec 06

Ok, i knew that VoG, i just thought there was an easier way to move it from one post to another on the same thread/forum without cluttering up my PC.


  palinka 18:25 29 Dec 06

I've just copied a sentence from VoG™'s response - here it is - "To post an image on this forum you need to save it to your PC." Does skinny 123 really mean an "image"? or does she mean anything from this website (or anywhere else for that matter), Skinny 123 I just highlighted those words in VOG's response - ie I cliocked the mouse pointer at the beginning of the phrase then held the left button of the mouse down and dragged the mouse sideways. The background turned blue. Then I clicked the right button on the mouse in that blue area and clicked on Copy in the list (aka Menu)that appeared. Then in this "add a new response" box i right clicked the mouse again and selected (clicked) Paste. I havemn't saved any of it to my PC.

  skinny123 18:43 29 Dec 06

palinka, i know how to cut and paste thanks. I am talking images.

I also know how to save images to my PC and post them later.

If i am replying to a post which has an image i like, instead of saving said image to my pc and then retrieving it from my pc and posting it i thought because i have heard the term drag and drop, i thought i could "cut and paste" an image the same way as written words.

I am a bloke by the way.

  palinka 18:53 29 Dec 06

My apologies Skinny 123 - I was confused because you referred to "posts" (which I thought meant this kind of forum) but I couldn't understand how anyone (either sex!)could put an image into such a "post".

  skinny123 20:33 29 Dec 06

No worries

What does the term Drag and Drop actually mean?

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