Drag and drop CD burning

  Andsome 08:15 15 May 03

I am getting a minor problem when dragging and dropping to burn a CD in Windows XP Home. I create a new folder. Then drag from my documents and drop into the new folder. There is a message saying that files are waiting to be written to CD. The program goes through the motions and then gives me an error message, ' There was an error in the writing process. The disc that you have attempted to write to may no longer be useable'. When I close the program and run the disc everything has been copied perfectly. I am obviously succeeding in copying the things that I want, but am puzzled by this message. If I do a direct copy of a music CD in Nero there is no problem. This morning the error message occured using XP to copy some video sent in Windows player. The error has also occured when I copied the Diskeeper program to take to a friend, but again, the copy is actually good.

  keith-236785 08:52 15 May 03

I have the same problem except my files are not written to the cd, i also have Nero installed. i believe that installing nero has affected winxp cd burning software, you may just have to use Nero to burn your cds as i have learnt to. sorry if i cant be more helpful on this one, anybody else got any ideas?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 09:06 15 May 03

Dont know if this is relavent but i remember reading some where that one of the updates for windows cant remember the question number after this was installed some people have trouble with cd copying software,think is was something to do with security vunrability in media player or some thin .But if you havent got this update then it dont matter much lol.


  Andsome 09:16 15 May 03

The thing that puzzles me is that the CD is OF and will play. So I don't really have a problem as such, it is just irritating.

  Andsome 09:17 15 May 03

For OF above read OK

  Andsome 08:28 16 May 03

Any moes opinions on this please?

  Andsome 08:29 16 May 03

Any more opinions on this please?

  GroupFC 09:18 16 May 03

I had a similar problem sometime ago ( see posting click here).

I never did resolve this problem but have learned to live with it and like paperman27 I believe it is a problem between XP cd writing and Nero.

I know that this isn't a great help!!

  Andsome 10:12 16 May 03

Many thanks everyone. As the CD's do actually record despite the negative message I will live with it.

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