Dozy monitor

  algernonymous 17:21 23 Sep 08

I set up a PC that had been given to a friends sister but on switching on the HP TFT monitor just displays 'Going to sleep' then goes off. ?

  Technotiger 18:01 23 Sep 08

Go into Control Panel, Power Options and set Power schemes to Always on, and the other three options all to Never.

  algernonymous 18:27 23 Sep 08

Thats the problem, I cant get into the PC, I just get the above.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:51 23 Sep 08

Your monitor is not receiving the signal from the graphics card. Disconnect and reconnect the monitor cable, if that doesn't help, try a known good cable. If still no good, try another monitor. If still no good it may mean your graphics card is faulty.

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