downloads cutting off t'internet

  watson360 21:00 01 Oct 06

So, im with NTL 1mb broadband, and for the last month or so, when ever i try to download a file from any source, P2P, torrents, anything, the internet will just... die, i phoned ntl numerous times and always got the same response, its my problem, not thiers.

The only way to get the connection back is to restart my computer, not my modem, or anything else, just the comp.

Anyone else with NTL have or have had the same problem, or could it actually be my comp causing the problem, any feed back would be great, cheers

  STREETWORK 21:11 01 Oct 06

What are you using to connect, hardware?

  watson360 21:24 01 Oct 06

an ethernet cale from a set top box, going into a 'EZ connect' usb adapter thingy to my comp

the odd thing is, when my connection dies, it says in network settings, that its still active :s, forgot to mention that in first post, cheers for reply :)

  STREETWORK 07:25 02 Oct 06

Can you reset the box and try again...

  watson360 15:09 02 Oct 06

ntl have told me to do that countless times, god knows how many times ive actually done it, it works in the shortterm, by that i mean for about 15 minutes before a download cuts it off again

  watson360 21:44 02 Oct 06


so, no ideas at all what could be going wrong ?if not NTL deffo gets dropped, £17 a month for 1mb is extortionate anyway :p

  STREETWORK 21:58 02 Oct 06


Just a thought... have you got a cordless digital phone conneted in the house, if so unplug it and see if the connection drops again...

  watson360 00:35 03 Oct 06

nope, no fancy cordless phones in my house :p
no other ideas as to what the problem could be ?

  STREETWORK 19:51 03 Oct 06

Time to ring Bt and ask them to carry out a line check for faults, also check all your phone sockets for faults and swop around the filters to eliminate problems there...

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