Downloading programmes on new pc!, please help!

  gazmix 00:16 12 Nov 07

I've a new pc, i have to be on dial-up for some time & i'm trying to download programmes i had on my old pc!

I have downloaded my version of Windows Messenger 8.1 from filehippo & when i try to sign in, it says 'a newer version is available, that i must have to continue!'
Why when the version on my old pc works ok! & if filehippo has them, why can't they be used if i need the newer one!

Also, i'm trying to download AVG from filehippo & have tried from other places. Sometimes my dial-up connection fails. On my old pc, i could click on the download link & it would restart from where it leaft of, on here it doesn't & i have to start again!, i've done this 5 times & not got the download as it stops mid download & i have to start again!
Why can't i carry on from where i leaft off as on the old slow pc!

Please help, this is stressing me so much!


  gazmix 00:20 12 Nov 07

p.s. it's Windows live messenger BETA if that helps anyone help me!! BETA, i don't recall being on my other pc!, maybe a wrong version i dunno, stumped!!!

  Devil Fish 00:28 12 Nov 07

to carry on with a download if the connection cuts off you will need a down load manager you will find some click here
though i cant recommend any because i have never used them

click here to help resume downloads at lost connection

  gazmix 00:40 12 Nov 07

But i never needed them on my last pc & that didn't have what you say!
I just got back online & carried on from where leaft off!

Why do i get 'WINDOWS LIVE BETA' A newer version is available, you must install this in order to continue. Why does filehippo issue old versions if they can't be used!

On my old pc i have Windows Messenger 8.1 from filehippo & it works ok, i downloaded it again & it says the above!

  Devil Fish 00:41 12 Nov 07

as for windows live messenger the latest stable version is 8.5

programs that access the internet are constantly updated to ward off new security threats and increase functionality

the latest messenger seems to be
if you look at the right column on the link 8.1 seems quite a few versions ago,depending on which one you downloaded,download latest version 2.29 mb is clearly stated so dont know how you managed to d/l the beta version.But this may explain why you get newer version message.
Dont use or never have done used messenger so cant help further on it.

  gazmix 00:47 12 Nov 07

how come filehippo & majorgeeks's old windows programmes are available if they aren't available to work!! as i say i have on my old pc windows messenger 8.1 & its fine, on this pc, i can't get it working & its from filehippo! I've just installed Media Player classic, that works & Mailwasher 2.0, that works ok!

sorry missed link off
click here
Devil Fish sorry im on dial up tonight takes a while to get through Lol.

  gazmix 00:59 12 Nov 07

The 8.1 version i downloaded earlier that i've deleted as it failed was 17.39MB
Your link for the new version is 2.29MB

Am i now downloading the whole latest file!!

its the same size on major geeks so i can only presume so,like i said i dont use it.

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