downloading music

  bombar 20:36 31 May 05

just bought an mp3 player and would like to download music to it. Which is the best source to download from as i am unsure about kazaa and napster.

  johnnyrocker 20:48 31 May 05

napster is legal i believe but only available in the u s kazaa say no more


  bombar 21:02 31 May 05

i know napsters legal but where is the best source?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:26 31 May 05
  mammak 21:30 31 May 05

bombar try this click here
All the best Mammak.

  webber_man 21:31 31 May 05

I'd recommend click here - you can choose your file type and quality all at a fraction of the cost of the big boys.

Been using it for 18 months or so now without any problems.

  thedogisdead3 22:20 31 May 05

Phew, now here's a can of worms!

Personally, I would use WinMX to get your music.

Legally debatable its uses may be, it is reliable and the amount of music available on it is vast and far larger than any bona fide download site could be.

I would be very wary of downloading from 'legitimate' sites as I will not use them until they alter their extortionate pricing policy, which is criminal condsidering the overheads they DONT have to pay, or that they may be reselling old music at high prices.

  dogbreath1 22:52 31 May 05

Imho Limewire is the best filesharing program in terms of being spyware free, stable, user friendly and utilising the Gnutella network which is very extensive. But, whatever you do, don't download copyrighted .mp3 files primarily due to the illegality of the operation but also coz your toe nails will curl up and your hair will drop out!;-)

  thedogisdead3 23:15 31 May 05

You can download all the copyright material you like... as long as you own the copyright! ;-)

Seriously though, I have to say I have pilfered thousands of MP3s but this has only led to me buying MORE CDs!

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