Downloading e-mails to laptop and desktop

  Red Stripe 19:53 08 Jan 03
  Red Stripe 19:53 08 Jan 03

I want to download e-mails to my laptop computer whilst away but still be able to dowload them on my desktop PC back at home.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

  Fruit Bat 20:01 08 Jan 03
  jazzypop 21:35 08 Jan 03

Or simply setup the email client on the laptop to 'leave a copy of the message on the server'. It will still be waiting on the server next time you logon with your desktop.

For instructions for OE6, click here , scroll down to Section 10

  DieSse 22:10 08 Jan 03


You can read them via Webmail on your laptop, and they will still be in the mailbox ready for downloading when you return.

However you do it though, be aware that most mailboxes have a limited capacity these days, and if you leave all your mails in the mailbox, they could exceed it's capacity.

One way around this is to adopt a slightly more cumbersome approach. Download your mails into your latop when away, then when back home, forward hem to yourself using Send only, rather than the normal Send/Receive. Of course you need only forward the ones you want to keep!

  Red Stripe 14:19 09 Jan 03

Thanks for the help. I have tried the 'leave a copy on the server' option. See what happens!

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