Downloading from camera-card reader to W7!.

  spuds 09:47 09 Jun 15

At present I am having a problem with downloading from a card reader into Windows 7, because of Windows Live Photo Gallery, which is not serving the purpose I require, due to downloading from a digital camera or card reader direct to this program.

I am looking for any alternatives, that will download direct from a digital camera, but more so from a card reader, and then make a simple task of sending emails with photo attachments.

Can anyone suggest a program that will do the task, by using another method than Windows Picture Live Gallery?.

I have used Google for an answer, but seem to be going around in circles!.

  hssutton 09:55 09 Jun 15

Spuds Ive' never used "Live Gallery" so can not help with that program. I assume you are taking photo's in the Jpeg format, so a simple program would be Picasa which is free, or the little more sophisticated editor However most editors will do what you require.

  spuds 10:14 09 Jun 15

hssutton, thanks for the response.

I used Picasa in the past, and for some reason I stopped using that program. Had a look at Majorgeeks yesterday, and considered reloading Picaso, so possibly a case of going back there, and try a re-download.

For some reason Windows Live Photo Gallery, seems to want to take control, and I "do not know why", hence the request!.

The other problem, is that the card reader that I am using, seems to be recognised only on occasions with this W7 set-up, which didn't before. I am going to try a new card reader!.

  spuds 10:58 09 Jun 15

I have just downloaded Picaso 3 from the Majorgeeks website, and was met with the options of opening a Gmail or Windows Live Mail account, so that I can send emails. I want to open neither, and perhaps this is were I am going wrong?.

Trying to get my details for sending emails, via my usual daily standard account,seems to have strung up another problem, because apparently TalkTalk no longer supports Lineone, which appears very strange. Perhaps someone can throw a little light on this?.

  hssutton 10:59 09 Jun 15

Spuds, have you looked in Control Panel>>Auto Play. Under 'Pictures' I have it set to 'Take No action' The reason being I have several programs that I may want to use. So have disabled Auto Play.

  hssutton 11:10 09 Jun 15

Spuds I've just downloaded Picasa. from Google I deselected all the options and it runs fine for me. Mind you I do use googlemail, so possibly that's why I didn't get the same issues as you, will now give it a try and see what changes have been made. Mind you I will have fire of a few shots in jpeg as all my photos are taken in raw format. will let you know if I encounter any problems

  spuds 11:17 09 Jun 15

hsssutton, I looked into that yesterday via about importing etc to W7 with AutoPlay set-up. Did a printout on what they have suggested, so will have a read there.

At present, in Autoplay, the top box is ticked on "Use autoplay for all media and devices", with further listings of "choose a default". In the pictures section at present, it shows "Import pictures and videos using Window Live Photo Gallery", with further options including 'now' Picaso 3. So it looks like that is where the problem lies, and I didn't understand it?.

  hssutton 11:24 09 Jun 15

Ok. I've just fired of several Jpegs, Picasa does all that you require. without any hassle. Open picasa>>Import from. My card reader is automatically recognised by picasa so it was just a case of selecting my card reader. Of course this can be fully auto if you go to Control Panel>>Autoplay, were you should be given the option to select picasa

  spuds 11:44 09 Jun 15

New card reader just arrived, that was ordered only yesterday via eBay. So it looks like a bit of experimenting is due, later on today.

hsssuton. Thanks again for the help, sincerely appreciated. But I might be back :O)

  spuds 16:13 11 Jun 15

I have posted a question regarding Picaso 3 earlier today. click here

  Forum Editor 18:34 11 Jun 15

In which case I'll lock this thread to avoid confusion - I've posted some advice in your new thread. I use Picasa a lot, and I think you'll be OK once you get the hang of the import process.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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