Downloading AVG 8 - yet again

  Sea Urchin 19:01 15 Jul 08

When I replaced AVG 7.5 with 8.0 the process automatically uninstalled 7.5 and then installed 8.0 - I had absolutely no problems. Today I was trying to help a friend do the same thing, and I received a prompt that it was detecting another AV program, and that it should be removed first. I would agree - except that there is no other AV program installed, and never has been. The PC is fairly new (Vista Home) and has always had only AVG installed. In case it was referring to AVG 7.5 I removed that separately, but still it "detected another AV program".

I found several other threads on this forum mentioning the same problem, but couldn't find any solution. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  mfletch 19:07 15 Jul 08

Install it in safe mode,

Also did the computer come with a free trial Antivirus program??


  Sea Urchin 19:23 15 Jul 08

You've jogged my memory - when she joined Virgin BB it came with PC Guard, which messed everything up and I think we disabled it rather than removing it. Presumably AVG 7.5 didn't object, but maybe 8.0 does.

I shall not be back there until next Monday, but I think you may have found the answer. Will report back next week.

  Sea Urchin 23:14 21 Jul 08

Yes that was it - uninstalled PCguard and AVG 8 installed just as it should (uninstalling 7.5 on the way)

Thanks again mfletch

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