strikes 01:10 24 Jul 07

whats best site to download from i use torrentspy normally but wondered whats better

  skidzy 06:56 24 Jul 07

What are you downloading ?

  laurie53 07:46 24 Jul 07

I don't think you were meant to ask that, but we'll see!

  strikes 14:24 24 Jul 07

downloading anything really just wondered which people find the best one

  dogbreath1 14:32 24 Jul 07

Even as I type this reply, there are likely to be folks on here sticking pins in strikes' effigy!!

Take my advice, strike, run while you can still get away!! LOL

  Totally-braindead 14:38 24 Jul 07

Most of the P2P programs are used to illegaly download copyright material like music and movies and the Forum rules prohibit anyone on the Forum from commenting on ways to breach copyright. There are legal uses of P2P sites of course.

That is why everyone is a bit hesitant to comment.

Personally I don't use any of them, you download stuff that says it is XXXX with no real knowledge of whether what you are downloading is what it says it is. I've just spent quite a few hours blanking and reinstalling an operating system which was running very badly - continually crashing and they had been using BitTorrent. Not certain that is what caused all the problems but the computer was fine before they installed it.

  mfletch 15:47 24 Jul 07

Hi just a few tips,

If you want to download porno {I have know idea}

If you want to download a virus or a Trojan try downloading porno?

Every thing else.

click here

Check out the antispyware if you did the above

  strikes 22:13 24 Jul 07

gez only asking

  woodchip 22:28 24 Jul 07

I think he means, What type of Download Manager to use. It does not help to be sarcastic. Although if you was talking to me one to one I would have a giggle at what you said

  Switcher 22:34 24 Jul 07

Try DAP, I find that it really speeds up down loading.

  strikes 23:04 24 Jul 07

i just wanna know what are the best web pages to look on to find downloads ones like torrentspy isohunt and torrentman

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