downloader virus on website

  Burglarbill 12:34 05 Dec 07

Hi all
A small website I run has become infected with the downloader virus so nobody can access it. A microsoft online scan showed up the virus in the ftp files on my computer and said it had cleansed them but the problem still persists. For info the website is click here

  MAJ 13:03 05 Dec 07

It appears to be called "index[4].htm", delete that page from your website root folder.

  Burglarbill 14:24 05 Dec 07

Hi Maj
Thanks for that but there isn't a page with that title. There's a few index.html pages but I can't just delete them as nothing would work, surely.

  octal 14:42 05 Dec 07

I can access the site no problem at all, I'm running Linux, so maybe it's a Windows "thing" don't know.

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