Downloaded WMA from MSN but wanted MP3?

  Roy* 15:22 07 Apr 08

Some basic advice please.

My son wanted to download music for his phone which requires MP3. So he set up an account on MSN, I put £5 credit on it from my debit card (he pays me as and when he downloads a track). So he downloaded a track, it took 75p from his credit but when we looked at the downloaded file it’s a WMA file, which is no good for his phone (he uses it as a MP3 player).

1) Did we need to do something in MSN set up to ensure MP3 format download?
2) Is it possible to convert WMA to MP3? If so how?

  Ditch999 16:13 07 Apr 08

Its probably got DRM in it but if you have any recording software on your pc you can play the wma file and record it as an mp3.

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