downloaded image files corrupted

  longbelly 16:39 04 Apr 08

I have a Kodak compact and downloaded images from camera to PC using a card reader and the EasyShare software - no problem!

I have now changed to a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 highly specified 10MP bridge camera. I tried downloading images from a card reader to Google Picassa but several image files were corrupted. I tried using various combinations of cards (either re-formatted or brand new) and readers and software, but still corrupted files. I now download direct from the camera to the PC using the Lumix software and images are OK. I would still prefer the convenience and speed of using a card reader, but not sure what to do? The Lumiox manual is not much help.

My PC is Athlon 1200 with 512MB RAM running on XP-SP2 with USB2 ports.

  Ditch999 16:45 04 Apr 08

The file size is probably to big. Is the card reader a good quality one and is it powered?

  longbelly 17:03 04 Apr 08

The card readers are probably not top quality - one is called INOV8! Neither are self-powered but take their power from the pC via the USB2. The difference between file size is around 1MB before and now between 3 and 5 MB with the new camera.

  Diemmess 17:37 04 Apr 08

This is no answer to your card reader problem.....but.

I prefer to download with USB to a temp folder because:

Once downloaded, any editing is faster, and the image on hard disk less vulnerable.

Cutting and pasting will automatically clear the camera.

No disturbance or wear to the camera and card.

I have a card reader which takes a card into a floppy lookalike (FlashPath), dates from earlier time, but my wife likes the old camera and that is the only way to download from it.

  john bunyan 18:21 04 Apr 08

longbelly. I have a Panasonic Lumix FX 35 (10 Megapixels) and use Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Bridge to download from the SD card with a built in card reader and/or a card reader in the Multifunction Cannon scanner/printer. I have not used the supplied software from Panasonic as I only use the SD card method of moving files to the computer.I download to a folder, edit the images (red eye etc) then re load photos for printing (at ASDA !) onto another SD card. No problems so far with this method. Have you tried the Panasonic software for importing images via the SD card readers?

  longbelly 07:40 05 Apr 08

I have used the Panasonic software for importing images via the SD card with the same intermittent corrupted results.

  john bunyan 08:34 05 Apr 08

longbelly. I assume that the SD cards have been formatted on the camera itself and not on the PC. I understand that one should always format a disc etc on the machine that mainly uses it. Maybe - I dont know - if the cards were formatted on the PC this may be a problem? Otherwise I'm a bit lost on this.

  longbelly 09:29 09 Apr 08

I think I have cracked it! Without using any software I have tried copying the files direct from the SD card in a reader, to a temporary folder. This was quick and there were no corrupted files!

Thanks for all your input.

  Peachy82 11:42 31 Jul 08

I'm also using a Panasonic Lumix, I spent the whole day doing a photoshoot for a fashion website and just today I put my card into the card reader and my Mac took sometime to read the card. (cardreader light flickering). Then a window popped up reading

'The disc was not repairable by this computer. It is being made available to you with limited functionality. You must back up your data and reformat the disc as soon as possible.'

On the camera the pictures are fine, but on the computer most of them have parts missing or in some cases a luminous green or pink colour over the entire image! I still have the pictures on the camera, I don't wannt to transfer them to my computer because then the original non-corrupt pictures will be lost forever! I'm stuck. Is there are anything I can do to salvage these?

I have tried another card and it is absolutely fine, so it is definitely not the camera. I am sure I should have re-formatted the card, this is, i'm sure the problem. But how do I make these images readable? HELP please! Apparently my SD card is not a brilliant one- it's pq1 2GB.

Hope somebody might have the answer..thanks for reading.

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