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Downloaded Ad-aware, Scanned, Now What?

  prima12 20:09 05 Feb 03

Scan revealed 40 registry keys, 2 registry values,
86 files and 3 folders = 131 objects, consisting of Brilliant Digital,Cydoor,SaveNow,Network Essentials,Alexa,DownloadWare and Aveo Attune. I am still not sure as to what I should do now. Aveo Attune shows a 'medium' risk of a hacker, but all the others appear to be 'low' risk. Please forgive me if the answer should be plainly obvious, but I am not that well up on these matters. Many thanks.

  Belatucadrus 20:18 05 Feb 03

Tick the lot and let AdAware Scrap it, it's mainly gash left on your system by internet marketing companies. The only people it does any good is them.

  Drongo 20:21 05 Feb 03

I trashed mine but i still get anoying pop up ads.
Am i missiing the point.

  Djohn 20:24 05 Feb 03

Drongo Ad-aware will scan and find the files for you, and remove them. To stop po-ups you need a Pop-up stopper.

  Gaz 25 20:37 05 Feb 03

I have set IE to ask me for cookies, these are text files but can be used by a website or advert company to track, some of whick will open up your computer to them for them to see waht sites u have been on. I class this as a crime!

Let ad-aware sod the lot off, run the scane each month, although most are harmless they make a dial-up as slow as a turtle and are just damn annoying. It will not stop the pop-ups but it will stop the idiots from trackig you.

If u get a lot of spam this can be realated with websites that track you.

All I can say is also download Spybot S&D from click here and sod some more off.

Little swines.

Amyway, I gotta relax now,

Hope you get rid of em, oh and Kazza and other P2P's have bags full of spyware and tracking sofware. Brilliant tech, which u have on ur system uses you as a network node and Brilliant will snoop thru ur PC whithout ur say. This is waht I have heard anyway.


  prima12 21:43 05 Feb 03

Downloaded Spybot S&D, did a scan and got a listing, some boxes had ticks in and some didn't, I presume that I delete the items with the ticked boxes, but what about the unticked boxes?

  Djohn 21:54 05 Feb 03

The un-ticked boxes will stay on your PC, unless you wish to place a tick in them and remove.

  rawprawn 21:54 05 Feb 03

You can tick them all with no problems, it is just asking you if you want to clear various recently used keys etc. Read what they are first & if you want to keep them don't tick them, if you do & change your mind you can recover them as long as you remember the date as they are all lumped together on that clear out.

  Djohn 21:58 05 Feb 03

I realise it's a little confusing at the moment, this is because you have downloaded these two programs, to look for and remove spy-ware, when you already have a fair bit of it on your system.

Once you have sorted out the ones you want to delete, it will be a lot easier from now on, because the programs will take care of the problems for you. J.

  Ironman556 22:04 05 Feb 03

use the registry fix for Outlook 2000 if you have it. I thought "oh what harm can it do" and told it to fix, after that I got an OLE registry error every time I tried to open Outlook 2000. It now works again after a format, but re-installing didn't fix it again either.

SpyBot is good for removing junk though. I use it to scan for things and remove them, but always leave the security fixes and tracks alone.

  prima12 22:09 05 Feb 03

Thanks to everyone who helped, and to those who may still contribute to this thread. I should have read the help files of Spybot, it would probably saved me having to ask a silly question. As the old Dick Emery saying goes ' Got it wrong again Dad '( for those older ones amongst us ). P

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