Downloadable Software????

  Col 10:52 03 Feb 07

Hi there, does anyone know if this Downloadable Software Co that has been sending emails to me for a long time, unrequested I must say, after many months just deleting the emails, I decided to take a look, amongst the vast list of software is Vista Business at $79, my question, is this genuine do you recieve a Microsoft licence number.
Thanks for your time.

  brundle 11:01 03 Feb 07

It'll be fake, I'd bet my gran's false teeth on it.
Just another form of spam. The software, not the teeth.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:02 03 Feb 07

At that price, I doubt it is genuine - MS provide CDs, not downloads.

  birdface 11:10 03 Feb 07

Yes I would imagine once you give them your bank details you wont have much left in your account,Yes Microsoft have stated that you will be able to download Vista from them at a later date,But not at that price I would not think.Delete it.

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