Download speed problem!!

  andyn6990 14:13 15 May 08

Hi, im currently on an 8mb broadband connection and for some reason i cant download anything faster than 60kbps , I always used to be able to get anything between 200 and 300kbps for torrents or anything i would download!! I just dont know wot to do im always connecting to my provider at 6mbs so theres nothing wrong with the connection ,and i tried it on my laptop aswell with the samw speeds so i know its nothing wrong with my computer! Anyone got any ideas?? Thanks! Andy!!

  Sea Urchin 14:37 15 May 08

Check your download speed here?

click here

  andyn6990 14:58 15 May 08

Yeah ive tried on 4 different speed testers and it said anything from 40 to 60kbps!!

  RobCharles1981 15:10 15 May 08


Who is your internet provider??

  andyn6990 15:31 15 May 08


  RobCharles1981 15:34 15 May 08

Theres your problem.

How long do you have left in your so called contract with them?

Go here: click here to find out what other ISP's are available to you.

  andyn6990 15:39 15 May 08

Thinking bout it it must be up quite soon or may have expired ill have a look ,and i had a call from them a few days ago quering how the service was but didnt recognize the problem till after!

  andyn6990 15:46 15 May 08

Yeah its just expired cause my first bill payment was may 2007!

  RobCharles1981 16:21 15 May 08

Did you goto the link I posted?? go to that link enter your landline number in there tell me what you can get where you are???

  andyn6990 16:47 15 May 08

i get bt-adsl and orange

  Ditch999 16:52 15 May 08

Fair usage policy? You say "I always used to be able to get anything between 200 and 300kbps for torrents" so maybe you have over stepped the mark and they have throttled you back.

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