download managers

  crespo 06:17 20 Mar 06

Hi! This is Crespo calling. Need some advice re: download managers.Im told that you need one to download software etc. onto your computer. I've been downloading stuff without a download manager without any problems. So - do i need one, what does it actually do and, can anyone recommend a reliable one? As always, any help will be v. appreciated. Cheers! C.

  Taff™ 06:42 20 Mar 06

I too have managed without a specific download manager for years. However I seem to think that there are several on my computer - Adobe Reader has one built in for example and so too does Windows update.

In the years of dial up when a telephone connection could be lost during the hours of downloading an update they were almost essential.These days with BB I can`t see the need unless you`re downloading large Video or music files. As you say, you haven`t had any problems so far so why add another piece of software?

  JayDay 08:28 20 Mar 06

I used one in the days of dial-up because you could pause a download.

Once I got BB I uninstalled it, as I found I didn't need it.

Beware though that a lot of 'free' download managers contain spyware or adware.

  JayDay 09:13 20 Mar 06

Find some reviews here click here

  Stuartli 10:54 20 Mar 06

I've used FreshDownload for four or five years, first with dialup and now broadband.

It contains no advertising, banners etc, is free, is updated when necessary, will Resume downloads if a connection is lost (if the website supports this feature), simple to configure and is a first class product.


click here

  spuds 11:12 20 Mar 06

I have 'trial-tested' a number of download managers. All have slightly different pros and cons, but in the main I would suggest that they are worthwhile.

Trail tested: DAP,Download Express,Get Right, Fresh Downloads. At present I am using a great (so far) programme called Leech Get 2005. Most of the above mentioned are free or trial basis.

  vinnyT 13:06 20 Mar 06

If you're using either Opera or Firefox as your browser, then you are already using a download manager, as they are built in.

As, others I used to use freshdownload and it was really useful while on dialup.

  ACOLYTE 13:11 20 Mar 06

Leechget gets a thumbs up from me used it for ages without problems,and even though i have BB i still find it helps a lot with larger dloads,no spyware/adds.

  Stuartli 14:13 20 Mar 06

I use FireFox and the Download Manager is excellent but it is not as comprehensive as FreshDownload, which I use in preference.

Its use is equally as valid, as I stated earlier, with broadband as with dialup.

  Belatucadrus 14:43 20 Mar 06

Leechget is good as is Download express click here

  vinnyT 15:08 20 Mar 06

Stuartli, as I'm now on BB, I find that everything downloads fairly quickly and so do not need to use an external downloader.

However, if i needed to download either many files or one (or more) larger files, unattended, then yes I prob. would use freshdownload (esp as it's free).

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