Is 'Download Accelerator Plus' really a pest?

  CurlyWhirly 07:43 06 Sep 04

I have just run Pest Patrol and it found 3 entries of 'Download Accelerator Plus' which it says are a pest - is it true that it is either adware or spyware?
Or is it just a false positive?
I have not deleted the entries yet so as not to do the wrong thing!

  rawprawn 08:08 06 Sep 04

I had the same problem with it, and in the end I uninstalled because a number of detection programs told me it was either adware or spyware so I think it is not a false positive. I have had no problems since altough it seemed to take ages to clear it completely out of the system.

  Andsome 08:12 06 Sep 04

If it's a fresh install how about a System restore?

  €dstowe 08:13 06 Sep 04

Did you install the program or did it just appear?

I am of the opinion that ANY program that just sets itself up on my machine(s) without my say so is undesirable and, in my definition, a pest.

If you didn't ask for it to be there, get it out:-)

  CurlyWhirly 08:19 06 Sep 04

Well the funny thing is that my internet connection slowed right down and no links worked so I ran PestPatrol and this is when it found the 3 entries.
I have had to take a risk and delete the 3 entries as my connection seemed like dial-up even though I am on broadband.
Also when I typed things into (say) Google it is as if everything was in slow motion with a time delay between me typing and it displayed on the screen!

Since deleting the entries and rebooting everything is back to normal so it must have been spyware in which case this is resolved.

  CurlyWhirly 08:24 06 Sep 04

I forgot to mention that I had this happen while downloading from click here onto my hard drive using the 'Save target as......' link as I couldn't get the video clips to play normally with RealPlayer as explained in another thread that I posted yesterday.
Transferring the video clips to my hard drive is the only way that I can get them to play.

  CurlyWhirly 08:29 06 Sep 04

By the way I didn't install it and it doesn't show in add/remove programs either so it must have been pesky spyware.
I just downloaded a few files from that website mentioned above and after playing them a few times this is when I noticed my PC slowing down and me having browser trouble.

p.s. Thanks to all above for replying to yet another one of my threads!

  Nellie2 08:31 06 Sep 04

The free DAP comes bundled with spyware. If you want a download manager then Leechget is recommended by Patrick Kolla (Developer of Spybot)click here

  ventanas 08:32 06 Sep 04

I have just found out that PestPatrol cannot be trusted 100% click here It told me a pack of lies.

  CurlyWhirly 17:39 06 Sep 04

It is difficult now to work out what is spyware and what is a false positive!
I just wish one company would bring out a comprehensive spyware scanner that DIDN'T mislead you.

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