DownGrading Vista to XP

  mark3986 13:37 14 Aug 08

how would i down grade my laptop from Vista to XP

  DieSse 13:47 14 Aug 08

You'd remove Vista and install XP.

First talk to the manufacturer to see if they offer a free or lost cost "downgrade".

Second check that your particular laptop does have a package of drivers for XP - some don't. Download them and put onto a CD.

Third - buy (if you can't get free) a copy of XP - better rush though, not so many around now.

Fourth - Save all your data and settings.

Fifth - Install XP - formatting the drive in the process to remove Vista.

  ventanas 13:50 14 Aug 08

It may not be that easy, assuming the laptop was supplied with Vista. All the hardware will be fairly recent and you will need to find out if there are XP drivers for all of it. There may not be. Don't forget XP is now history.
If you do manage to find drivers you will also need a copy of XP. If you don't alreday have a retail (Not OEM) copy then you will have to buy one.
Finally I can't image why on earth you should want to do this. Why change a superior operating system for yesterday's offering. Vista leaves XP in the starting blocks.

  gdaines 19:21 14 Aug 08

You can legally downgrade from Business or Ultimate at no cost, but if you're using Basic or Home Premium then you'll have to buy a copy of XP. I would advise against hacked or illegal copies, you'll only have problems down the line. Legally you shouldn't be able to buy an OEM copy, but it WILL work if you can. You should buy a retail boxed copy, but that'll cost you hundreds.

I do this on a daily basis, have done hundreds as I work for a large multi-national - every system we buy with Vista Business in case we want to use it later on, but then we downgrade them all to XP Pro.

I am happy to help but it'll take too much explaining here, so contact me through my website if you want to: click here

  emmj84 22:52 28 Oct 08

Sorry to drag this one back up, this was the closest existing thread I could find.

I'm thinking of buying a laptop and I need XP on it to install programs (for academic use). I've found one with the spec I want and it says 'Vista Business / XP Pro Downgrade'. This may be daft, but would the programs (XP SP1 or higher) run with the vista/XP downgrade as advertised- I don't want to buy then find out it doesn't work.

Any advice would be appreciated (in laymans terms :P)


  DieSse 06:27 29 Oct 08

You really should start a new thread of your own - then you'll get notifications of answers, and engender less confusion.

The XP Downgrade will remove Vista and install XP (probably at SP2 level, unless there's some new CDs at SP3 level, which I doubt).

This will then be a regular XP system just like any other XP system.

  Quiller. 08:10 29 Oct 08

" but would the programs (XP SP1 or higher) run with the vista/XP downgrade as advertised- I don't want to buy then find out it doesn't work.

(in laymans terms :P)


  emmj84 09:48 29 Oct 08

ohhhh- sorry about extending the thread,

thanks for the info, off to spend hard earned cash!


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