downgrading from VISTA to Windows XP

  science wiz 05:13 24 Jan 08

i have bought a laptop PC and I want to remove the windows vista in it so that I can install windows XP instead.

but the problem i face is that, once i boot from the CD, it reaches a level and tells me that there is no disk in the system or something need be done in the configuration.

so, how can i remove the windows vista in my computer and instead format the laptop, partition it and install windows XP professional in one of the partitions?

Thank you in advance,

/Godbless P. Haule

NB: My PC is a toshiba laptop, A205 Series with Core 2 Duo 1.67, 200GB HDD, 2GB RAM, DVD-RW.

  Boarder 07:39 24 Jan 08

When the Win XP disc starts loading keep pressing F6 to load SATA

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