Downgrade req. for Toshiba 7020CT

  NChick 00:42 29 Jan 09

Yes, I know it's an old laptop, but it was bought for one purpose and one purpose only - to install Win98SE on it for all my old dos games so I can keep 'em off my XP machine :)
Prob is, I can't for the life of me work out how to downgrade its current OS (Win XP Pro Service Pack 2) to Win98SE. I have a bootable Win98SE disc ready, but can't seem to get into the Toshiba's BIOS to tell it to boot from CD.
What I really want of course, is to install Win98SE onto it in place of XP, without losing my data (documents, progs, etcetera). Is there any way to do this? :)
Thanks in advance,
NChick :)
(Further info on the laptop in question, in case it's req. :
266mhz P2, 192Mb ram, 6gb hdd [split into 5 and 1 gb partitions],+ floppy and cdrom drive in docking station attachment. I have discs ready with Win 98 drivers for all its devices)

  brundle 00:52 29 Jan 09

Ensure the current file system on the partition you wish to install 98 to is FAT32 and not NTFS otherwise 98 won't install without formatting. From a google search, hit [ESC] during startup to access the BIOS. Rename or delete (preferable) the current c:\windows and c:\program files folders. You'll need to re-install programs when 98 is installed. Move the contents of the relevant "Documents and Settings" folder to the Windows 98 equivalent C:\My Documents when 98 is up and running. 98 should fit in less than 400mb but as already stated you may have to remove the XP c:\Windows folder to create room on such a small HD/partition

  NChick 01:15 29 Jan 09

Thanks Brundle :)
Have gotten into the BIOS - it is already set to boot from cd first but doesn't, so I guess the cd isn't bootable after all :S
The 5gb partition is ntfs (this of course has xp on it), then 1gb partition is fat32 (this has driver back ups, Toshiba's own bits and bobs, etc on it).
Assuming I install 98 on the fat32 partition, can I then uninstall/delete xp from the other partition, and then move/install 98 to it?

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