Down Loading from a C.D.

  Samuel Gee 15:27 07 Apr 04

I have a C.D. of photos from the Asda Photo Centre.I can view them but how do I get them off the C.D. to my system for manipulating in Paint Shop Pro 8
Graham Walker

  TomJerry 15:29 07 Apr 04

Go to "my Computter" and then go to CD and ....

  medicine hat 15:39 07 Apr 04

... Right click the CD icon and choose Explore. You may have to go searching thru various folders and the pictures will be in JPG format

  Samuel Gee 15:39 07 Apr 04

Hi Tom Jerry
Thanks for very swift reply.I am a bit new,Could you draw me a picture so to speak sorry for being a bit thick. Sam Gee

  ventanas 15:47 07 Apr 04

Double click My Computer on the desktop. Right click on the CD drive and choose Explore. Navigate to the folder on the CD where your images are. Select those you want to copy to your hard drive by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking once on each one. From the Edit menu choose Copy. Navigate to the folder on your hard drive where you want the photos. From the Edit menu choose Paste. Done.

  TomJerry 15:50 07 Apr 04

ventanas, very clear explanation

  ventanas 15:53 07 Apr 04

There are quicker ways, avoiding the Clipboard, but I think this is the simplest to follow.

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