dowmload speed

  tomtojo 22:57 17 Feb 07

Can anyone tell me what this speed test means,
download= 86Kbit/second
pingtime= 360ms

good,bad,ok, ?


  Dipso 22:58 17 Feb 07

What product are you on? Dial up, broadband - what advertised speed?

  tomtojo 23:03 17 Feb 07

Hi Dipso,
On broadband, up to 8mb


  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:07 17 Feb 07

Would you mind trying this and report again.
click here

  woodchip 23:09 17 Feb 07

Its poor considering I get 975 Kb/s on a 1mb connection

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:19 17 Feb 07

I think he meant KBps (I hope) still not brilliant as I am on similar connection and have just recorded 4715Kbps (589.31KBps) and I don't think thats good either.

  tomtojo 23:19 17 Feb 07

Tried link, taking ages to perform test,give up in the end,

Thanks Ho-Lin-Sok

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:20 17 Feb 07

What is your setup

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:23 17 Feb 07

May I suggest you start a thread on the networking forum as there are more people there that may be of assistance, you may need to tweak your settings.

  tomtojo 23:25 17 Feb 07

I have just run pitstop optomise again and it was,
download= 436Kbit/second
pingtime= 313ms

  tomtojo 23:29 17 Feb 07

I will try network forum,
Thank's to everyone

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