double ide lead?

  paradiddle1984 20:49 20 Oct 05

is there sucha lead that enables me to turn one ide port on my motherboard into 2?

I only have 2 ide ports on my motherboard. one for my cd drive and one for my hdd. i have just been given another hdd and would like to install it, but obviously there are no ide ports left.

My brother said you can get the lead i am enquiring about, can anyone direct towards one online so that i can buy it?


  Confab 20:57 20 Oct 05

Yes most IDE cables come with two connectors, one for the primary device and one for the secondary. Just pop into your nearest PC shop. " IDE ports can run 4 devices

  Methedrine 20:59 20 Oct 05

How many HDD's do you have at present?

Most IDE cables are able to accomodate 2 HDD's.

The master on the black connector and the slave on the grey.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 20 Oct 05

The ide cable can have two connections (master and slave)
so if yiu have two ports on the mother board you should beable to connect four devices.

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  Confab 21:00 20 Oct 05

" IDE ports can run 4 devices = 2 IDE ports can run 4 devices

  Stuartli 21:02 20 Oct 05

You'll probably find the round IDE cable versions are much easier to connect and they also minimise effect on air flow through the case.

  paradiddle1984 21:02 20 Oct 05

i am only using 1 hdd atm. i have an ide lead going from my hdd to the ide socket. then another ide lead going from my cd drive to the 2nd ide socket.

i would like to use my 2nd hdd if i can figure out where i can plug it in on the motherboard seen as though both sockets are used

  Methedrine 21:05 20 Oct 05

Put all HDD's on IDE1, all optical drives on IDE2. Don't forget to set them as master and slave and have them on the correct connectors.

  Methedrine 21:07 20 Oct 05

Sorry. Forgot to add this.

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  paradiddle1984 21:35 20 Oct 05

ah ok, sorry if im coming across a bit stupid, but its better to ask I suppose.

ive got my ide lead now, one end is blue and the other grey. whcih goes where?

  phono 21:57 20 Oct 05

The blue end goes into the IDE socket on the motherboard, as it is a hard drive you are adding make sure you plug it into the same connector that your current hard drive is using.

You must also ensure that you set the new drive as slave, using the jumper(s) on the back of the drive, next connect the master drive, (your original drive), to the black connector and the slave, (your new drive), to the grey connector.

It is important to keep hard drives and CD/DVD drives on different channels as an IDE channel will only operate at the same speed as its slowest device and CD/DVD devices are considerably slower than hard drives.

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