Double click and Fast click

  golfpro 07:02 23 Jan 03
  golfpro 07:02 23 Jan 03

My Ad-Aware program has picked up a couple of cookie files on my system "Double click and Fast click" what are these, and should I get rid of them??

  barryoneoff 07:15 23 Jan 03

you will get them every time you log on here.

  barryoneoff 07:16 23 Jan 03

Thats Get, not fet, sorry.

  golfpro 08:03 23 Jan 03

But I log onto this site maybe two or three times a day, What happens if I do get rid of them, dose that mean I have to enter my P/W every time I log on??

  Stokey 10:42 23 Jan 03

It's harmless I guess. I've got SpyWare Blaster, Spyware Guard and SpyBot Search & Destroy on here and they do nothing about Double Click.

BTW Ad-Aware is defunct now and is no longer kept up-to-date. Most people have now uninstalled it I think.

  nangadef 11:28 23 Jan 03

Stokey both Fast Click and Double Click are listed in Spybot S&D under

Have you ticked their boxes so that they're not searched for?

  nangadef 11:40 23 Jan 03

Should have added 'in Excludes'.

  Djohn 11:53 23 Jan 03

golfpro, no by removing the two cookies you mention, you will not have to enter your password each time you log on to this site.

They are harmless and I just delete them once a week. J.

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