Dotted line round buttons

  Graham ® 20:23 15 Aug 04

When I click on Post response, Log in, etc. I no longer get the dotted lines round the box to indicate I have clicked. Discuss :-)

  VoG II 20:24 15 Aug 04


  VoG II 20:25 15 Aug 04

Test in IE6.

  VoG II 20:27 15 Aug 04

Dotted line in Firefox. Yellow line in IE6. Discuss more!

  Graham ® 20:30 15 Aug 04

Test in IE

  Djohn 20:30 15 Aug 04


Using IE6 Post response button is outlined in blue until I hover then changes to Orange, click then changes to yellow.

  Djohn 20:31 15 Aug 04

straight back to blue when I move the cursor away. Think it's always been like this?

  Graham ® 20:31 15 Aug 04

In IE6, orange, stays orange.

  Graham ® 20:34 15 Aug 04


  Djohn 20:34 15 Aug 04

It changes to orange on clicking then back to blue but with dots round the outline.

Sorry for the amount of post but only way to tell is to test by clicking the button. ;o)

  Legolas 20:35 15 Aug 04


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