Dots in search and google

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Sep 11

Odd one here

Windows 7 home premium as soon as start button clicked dots start appearing in the search box (just like entering a password)

Same happens on IE on Google homepage search box

Scanned with up to date Avast, SAS and Malwarebytes nothing found. Cleaned with CCleaner

Nothing suspicious seen in startups, sfc reports integrity OK.

Google search shows similar for Android phones but no answers.

All ideas welcome :0)

  ams4127 04 Sep 11

Certainly a strange one.

Since you say that the problem also occurs using Android phones, I would try removing anything to do with Google (Toolbar, Chrome etc.). I'd be inclined to use Revo or Smarty uninstallers to make sure that all traces are removed.

Reboot and see if anything has changed.

Also check Services to see if there is anything strange in there. Compare with Black Viper if not sure.

  Woolwell 04 Sep 11

Assume that you've rebooted.

Very odd as the start search box should not be related to IE Google search at all.

Not entirely sure what you mean by "Google search shows similar for Android phones but no answers." But perhaps IE corruption.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Sep 11

Have googled for the problem and the only similar I find is same thing occurring on Android phones but no answers to solve the problem.

No google toolbars or chrome etc. this is using IE to go to Google homepage.

Click start menu and dots immediately start appearing in the search box eventually "Nothing matches your search criteria" apprears and I can delete the dots and get normal start menu with usual programs, links etc.

  Woolwell 05 Sep 11

Keyboard snag? All keys especially the full stop ok?

  buteman 05 Sep 11

I had a small problem like that about a month ago but it was only one or two dots with mine.

Lasted about a week and gradually went away.

Maybe try TDS killer from Kaspersky just to be in the safe side.

I also downloaded Avast about the same time so not sure if it could have been a problem with that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 Sep 11

TDSSkiller ran, no threats found

  buteman 05 Sep 11

Found this but 4 month old and no doubt you have tried it.

Just to let you know , this issue has been fixed by the Google team. So the issue has nothing to-do with your device but comes from Google end. You just have to clear you cache and your cookies in your browser settings. Then refresh or and that's it

Whether it is or not I know not.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 Sep 11

CCleaner has been run and its still same.

Yes but its also happening in the Windows search box?

That's why I suspect malware.

  rdave13 05 Sep 11

Try running a scheduled scan with Avast. You'll need to be present during the scan as it won't auto quarantine or delete. Worth running.

  buteman 05 Sep 11


It will still come up in the scan log if it found anything.

Since I started using Avast about a month ago it has came up with a few rootit problems but would never fix or delete them.

I can only assume that they were false positives as I did run other rootkit killers and nothing was ever found.

Bit slow on here tonight is it the same for you.Even worse when I press refresh.


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