Dos/Non-Dos Partitions and loading XP

  Sazzzer 18:05 30 Jun 05

My Dad has had to format his hd and is now having problems reloading XP. As far as I can remember, this is what's happening:-

He used fdisk for deleting the original partition, and put in his XP cd to load XP, but it's telling him he can't load XP on a dos based partition, but he can't create a non-dos partition. He tried loading Win98 first, and then upgrade to XP, but he only gets 1.2Gb hd (should be 20Gb).

He says there is no NTFS in the BIOS, and his board is a 1.5Gb Mercury AMD.

He tried typing 'format C:\' at the A:\ prompt, but it gives him an 'invalid drive' message.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

(and my Dad)

  woodchip 18:19 30 Jun 05

He should just use this Program Killdisk click here then start with XP cd it will partition and format the drive for him.

  dan11 19:04 30 Jun 05

It could be he has failed to rebuild in fdisk. If he starts fdisk and picks "y" for large disk support. The goes to option 4. What sizes are given. This could be why only 1.2 gig is left and not picking "y".

Also when he tried to install XP from scratch, inserted the disk. Did he try to install from dos? It will not work that way, it will come up with a dos error message. You must set the first boot device as cdrom in the bios and then start the computer.

The installation will then run.

  Completealias 19:43 30 Jun 05

Or if for any reason you can't get it to boot from cd you'll need to download the xp boot setup floppies from click here

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