DOS in Me for a BIOS update

  Newuser2 17:14 27 Sep 03

I going to update the BIOS on my PC.
I,ve read all the info & instructions on the do's & don't in the motherboard booklet, trouble is I'm stupped at he first herdle.
How do I get into DOS so that I can check if my BIOS is updateable & also I need to save the current BIOS to a floppy etc.
It shows the DOS screen shot in the booklet but dosn't tell you how to get there.
I'm running Me.
Any help would be great.

  bremner 17:16 27 Sep 03

On booting up press F8 and choose 'command prompt only'

  keith-236785 17:39 27 Sep 03

or put a start up floppy in the drive and restart your system, when the menu appears press ALT+F5 to get dos mode command prompt. remember to swap floppys so you can save the bios.

  Newuser2 18:02 27 Sep 03

Thanks for your suggestions, tried em both, can't find command prompt only after F8, it didn't seem to exist. Tried ALT+F5 & got an error message.
Any further suggestions.

  bremner 18:06 27 Sep 03

When you press F8 what options do you get?

  Newuser2 18:20 27 Sep 03

bremner Hi.
I get Normal, Logged(BOOTLOG.TXT), SAFE, & STEP BY STEP CONFIRMATION. after pressing F8.

  slowhand_1000 18:21 27 Sep 03

i think dos is hidden on ME

click here

  Dipso 22:01 27 Sep 03

I run ME. I get into DOS using the start up floppy I created. Turn PC on with floppy in drive, your PC will boot to the Options Menu. Select the option, "start computer without CD-ROM support" and press enter. This should take you to the "A" command prompt.

  Newuser2 09:15 28 Sep 03

Thanks Dipso
I'll give it a try & let you know if it works.

  Newuser2 13:26 28 Sep 03

Tried it but Win Me will not take me to the DOS window I need to check my current BIOS etc.
I've emailed ASUS to see if they can help.
If they can't help I'll stick with what I've got for the time being.
Thanks all for your help.

  VoG II 13:37 28 Sep 03

Click Start, click Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt

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