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  Pau1JB 13:07 02 Apr 04

I have downloaded cannon fodder for the pc and in runs under dos. It all works apart from the sound. I have windows xp and i have a creative sound blaster is there anyway i can get the sound to work


  ThePharcyde007 13:40 02 Apr 04

Try right clicking the exe file for cannon fodder, and set the compatibility mode for Windows 95/98/Me.

Maybe that would work!

  Pau1JB 14:23 02 Apr 04

allready thought of that it makes no difference

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:59 02 Apr 04

Good old cannon foder remember it well from my Amiga days,used to pee me off serverly but as ßéLâ says i doubt you will get sound.Im suprised you got it running lol.


  xania 15:09 02 Apr 04

I am expecting similar problems if and when I upgrade to XP. Its for that very reason that I will set up a dual boot system with XP, for when it works, and SE, for when it doesn't.

Just a thought...

  keith-236785 16:10 02 Apr 04

Cannon fodder does run on winxp, but as Pau1JB says No sound, same for me....

i also have cannon fodder on an amiga emulator which does give sound but won't save the game so its a bit of a waste of time playing it.

only suggestion is to try booting into dos with a start up disk and it might run from there (but i doubt it) or to partition your drive and dual boot with winxp & win98.

good luck, good game as well even if it is an oldie.

  Pau1JB 12:46 03 Apr 04

i will think about the win 98 idea once i get my new hard disk i just filled an 80gb there so.

cheers anyway

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