DOS commands?

  ste_bla 04:03 06 Jun 04

Can someone tell me how to rename a file in DOS?

Also does anyone know of a website that has a list of DOS commands??


  ste_bla 04:06 06 Jun 04

just forgot to say i need to rename in 3 ways;

1. the file name
2. the file extention
3. a whole load of extentions inside a particuar folder such as *.mp3 changing to *.123

  powerless 04:30 06 Jun 04
  keith-236785 05:19 06 Jun 04


to rename "fred" to "bloggs" , at the prompt C:>(or whatever drive the file is on), or A:> if the file is on floppy.



and press return (dont put the [space] that is just to point out it should be there.


try renaming



not sure about this but you could try


(but be aware that if it works, it will change EVERY mp3 file in the directory

  temp003 05:20 06 Jun 04

If using XP, click Start, Run, type cmd and press Enter.

At the prompt, type

cd ["path to folder"]

and press Enter. E.g. cd c:\test

If a folder or file name has spaces, put quotes around the folder or file name, such as:

cd c:\"documents and settings"\administrator\"my documents"

When at the folder, type:

ren "old file name".123 "new file name".123

and press Enter.

To change extension, type

ren "file name".123 "file name".456

and press Enter.

To change extensions for files in the same folder, in one go, type:

ren *.mp3 *.123

and press Enter.

  temp003 05:21 06 Jun 04

Sorry, I needn't have posted.

  ste_bla 06:23 06 Jun 04

cheers perfect!

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