Dore 2 duo Quad

  Funkmastabuzz 11 Jul 11

Hey guys My sisters Intel Core 2 Duo quad core has died,I think but what want to know is if I was to replace it with a with a Core 2 Duo daulcore (64bit socket LG775 same as the original CPU) will all her Vista OS work with out many problems.I dont mind the odd bios update to the motherboard or a driver etc. Iv tried firing it up the HD on my AMD quadcore 64bit but it wont work. Im sure its the CPU as Iv checkrd PSU,HD,Memory(no beeps on start up)Monitor and the moterboard seems ok but this could also be at fault because someone told me that it can still light up and spin fans etc but be fried.The reason I think its the CPU is because I took the heatsink fan off to clean it because it has a plastic drian pipe like tube;on the fan to draw air from the case side,that was thick with dust.As I was vacuming it I think it may of buit up static and then transfered it to the heatsink then the CPU when remouting it.If anyone can help with my question or has another therory as to why its not working id be very greatful.

Thanks in advance Ant

  gengiscant 12 Jul 11

If you are just replacing the CPU it really does not matter to the hard-drive. If you are concerned then slave her hard-drive to your PC and backup her stuff. But as I said replacing the chip will not effect the hard-drive.


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