Doomesday Bug Warning

  birdface 07:48 01 Apr 09

Microsoft head of Security Pirla Lofo Warns of deadly Doomsday Bug about to strike at 12Am To-Day.
First signs that you have the Bug will be when the time on your computer starts going backwards,If that happens you have to run your Security Programs Imediately.
If the time on your Computer works Okay you are safe for another year.Best of Luck.

  tullie 07:59 01 Apr 09

Well if it happened at 12am its allready passed whilst in bed,so no probs here.

  jack 08:08 01 Apr 09

Was conjured up for Millennium day .00.00 hr 2001
It was a hoax then.
Google make no reference of it for today - and why would they?

It is always good practice, when you get one of those annoying E- mail from a well meaning 'friend' with its attendant sheaves of previous recipients- to check it out on Google - when you will find 99% of the time they are hoaxes and scams.
Then delete it - do not pass it on.

Its the message that is the menace usually - not the imagined threat.

  jack 08:09 01 Apr 09

Date is.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:15 01 Apr 09

Another one hooked on the line.


  wids001 10:25 01 Apr 09

Pirla Lofo or April Fool!

  birdface 10:31 01 Apr 09

I am afraid you were all to quick for me.Thought I might have caught someone.Not to sure if jack caught it or it took a minute for the penny to drop.Ahh well I will need to try a bit harder next year.

  AlouetteIII 10:41 01 Apr 09

My internet provider - Vispa - has disappeared off the radar today; no Google links will connect to them and their email (or my email through them) doesn't work.

  birdface 10:55 01 Apr 09

Just tried it .it is the same for me.Will not open.
click here Not sure what the problem might be.

  birdface 11:07 01 Apr 09

Looks like they have had the same problems at the beginning of march and have no out of hours contact numbers.Looks like it is just a matter of waiting to see when they get it fixed.

  AlouetteIII 11:11 01 Apr 09

Just been to click here, and then network does seem to be down for some reason.

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