Don't Think MBd is Seeing HDrive?

  Legslip 14:23 24 Apr 10

Having a look at a pals PC thats gone duff. It won't boot into Win XP and when I look in the BIOS on the Main Screen, I can't see the SATA HD listed under drives. Tt shows Primary IDE Master & Primary IDE slave as [Not detected]. However it shows in boot device priority as the first boot device. On first boot, scan devices, the black screen lists Serial_Ch0 Master: HDT722520DLA380.

I have changed the SATA cable to no avail and I have a USB to SATA/IDE connector and if I connect another PC to the drive it sees it OK. Any ideas?

  User-312386 14:58 24 Apr 10

in bios go to boot priority and ensure the sata hdd is first boot

  User-312386 15:01 24 Apr 10

sorry misread, ensure sata is enabled

  Legslip 15:21 24 Apr 10

Thanks Madboy. In the BIOS main screen there is no Reference to SATA drives, just Primary and Secondary IDE. Just the CD & DVD drives are listed here under secondary. Should SATA not be listed?

In the BOOT priority there is also nothing about SATA but the HD is listed here as HDT722520DLA380.
and is set as the 1st boot device.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 24 Apr 10

BIOS is seing the Hitachi Hard Disk Deskstar T7k250-200 200gb 3.5in Serial Ata 7200rpm 8.2ms

When XP is install you need to load the SATA drivers at the F6 prompt.

As I assume that XP is already installed this shouldn't be needed

What error message are you getting? or how far does it get into the boot before crashing?

  User-312386 21:27 24 Apr 10

I just had a brainwave - It could be the power to the sata drive. The BIOS sees it but cant run it - And as you have advised external is ok!

  Legslip 00:14 25 Apr 10

Hi Fruit Bat, your advice is always helpful and thanks madboy for your interest. To try and clarify further: the PC will not boot into Win Xp or Safe Mode. In the BIOS on the Main Screen, as stated, there is no Reference to SATA drives, just Primary and Secondary IDE which state {not detected}. However, in Boot Device Priority it shows a 1)Sony DVd Rom, 2) PXE 2.33 ? and 3) the hard drive. I thought a solution might be a repair to Win Xp and I set the PC to boot from the CD ROM but when I put XP CD into the ROM drive and re-boot I do not get the option to boot from CD. It is as if devices are plugged into the MBoard but it ain't seeing them.

It's 00:15 now so off to bed but will be interested to see any responses a.m.

  Legslip 00:16 25 Apr 10

Sorry Madboy, power to SATA drive is OK as used the PC power supply lead to power it when I used the SATE/USB connector.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:55 25 Apr 10

Try swapping power leads, to drives can you fell the drive s vibrating?

Its looking like a PSU or motherboard problem.

  Legslip 21:44 25 Apr 10

Thanks fruitbat. Yes, the HD was vibrating. Have done a CMOS reset and have checked and checked the BIOS settings till I'm sick of 'em. Think I'll have to write this one of as a MBd problem. The whole shebang is about 7 years old so perhaps a little outlay is the solution.

  User-312386 22:28 25 Apr 10

Can you not reflash the bios or find an update for it? Nothing to lose really!

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