Don't know much about pc

  Faisa 11:39 30 Aug 06

I would like to purchase a laptop as it will be very handy for my dissertation; however I do not know what to consider as a fairly good laptop based on their characteristics. So, I would be grateful if you could advise me on the feature of a good laptop.
Many thanks.

  johndrew 14:14 30 Aug 06

You must decide on a number of points to enable people on the site to give you an indication:
1. How much do you expect to spend?
2. Will you only use the laptop for your dissertation or are you likely to want to play games, watch films/TV etc?
3. Will you be using it for browsing?
4. Will it mainly be connected to a mains power supply?

  Faisa 11:08 31 Aug 06

Thanks for your reply.I would like to spend about £400 on the laptop. As well as useing it for my dissertation, i would also like to use it for browsing, playing games and watching films.

  SG Atlantis® 11:39 31 Aug 06

playing games? which kind?

I'd consider click here

  GroupFC 15:43 31 Aug 06

I know very little about PCs and even less about laptops but one thing I would say - "it will be very handy for my dissertation" - back-up, back-up and back-up (well ok three things!)!

  ed-0 16:21 31 Aug 06

Or take a look at this. click here

Intel centrino duo, with a 60GB SATA drive, card reader, wireless, dvd burner and intels GMA chipset click here

The only downer is it's only got 512Mb of ram, but it should do most things.


  terryf 07:20 01 Sep 06

Must you have a laptop, desktop with a wireless mouse/keyboard and a tft screen will take up almost as little room and for the same price as a laptop will give you more 'bang per buck' as well as being more upgradeable.

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