Don't know how to describe this problem

  bluesbrother 21:39 26 Nov 04

This is a problem that occurs at random, sometimes just after I boot up sometimes after the PC has been on a few hours. Sometimes when I'm offline but more often when I'm online.

Monitor goes black, still powered up but no signal. Fans still running, but no modem activity if I'm online and if I'm listening to music (MP3), no sound. Sometimes I can reboot using ctrl/alt/delete but more often I have to press the reset button, the machine allways boots without a problem.

I've tried memory tests, reinstalling graphics drivers, reseating cards and cables, virus/trojan scans

Anyone got any ideas?

  smudge101 21:51 26 Nov 04

When you press ctrl+alt+delete can you see the task manager on your screen or still no output?

  bluesbrother 21:58 26 Nov 04

Screen stays black. I only know its rebooting when the lights on the front of the box start flashing.

  smudge101 22:03 26 Nov 04

Could be the graphics card GPU is overheating, what card is it? Onboard, AGP or PCI? and do you know where you can borrow one to try it out?

  Djohn 22:03 26 Nov 04

Sounds as though it might be overheating. Next time it happens, restart the PC but tap away at the DEL key to enter the BIOS and look for the temperature readout.

It may be under PC health status or similar. Use the arrow keys on keyboard to highlight the section then hit the enter key to go into that section, Esc key to come out then Esc key once more. Hit the "Y" key to confirm you don't want to alter anything then the enter key again to continue loading windows.

  smudge101 22:05 26 Nov 04

Another thought! Are you sure it is not just going into hibernation. Check in the control panel under 'Power Options' if you are using XP.

  bluesbrother 22:06 26 Nov 04

Never thought of that. Its a NVidia G Force.
Would that affect music playback though?

  bluesbrother 22:09 26 Nov 04

Should have said I'm running 98SE. Its not hibernation Smudge. Last time it happened DJohn temp was 48c

  woodchip 22:11 26 Nov 04

Sounds like overheating check the CPU fan is doing what it should do, also check BIOS for temps

  woodchip 22:13 26 Nov 04

If you have Graphics card with a Fan check it's working and the PSU fan is also

  bluesbrother 22:14 26 Nov 04

Fans seem to run ok. Haven't checked visually but there is never any change in sound volume or pitch from the box.

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