Done a repair install on XP - Now rebooting :(

  Radix Lecti 17:09 25 Aug 06

Hi all, was sorting out a friends computer, which in the end required a repair installation (in order to avoid data loss, and the pain of a reformat and reinstall). Since doing the repair installation, the machine just reboots before getting to the desktop (or just as the Windows XP loading screen dissappears.

Any idea what I can do?

I've tried performing another repair install, however it won't let me as the system reboots automatically just after I press F8 to agree to the License Agreement, and just before I can hit enter to get the repair rolling.

Any ideas ladies and gents?

  ACOLYTE 17:11 25 Aug 06

Change the boot up order to CD in bios and run the repair from that,that is if you have an XP cd).

  Stuartli 17:13 25 Aug 06

You are, also, selecting Repair on the second available selection and not the Recovery Console?

  Radix Lecti 17:14 25 Aug 06

Sorry, I should have made clear, that's what I was/am doing. A repair from the XP CD.

  ACOLYTE 17:14 25 Aug 06

Just read the post again and it occured to me you might already be using the cd,can you boot into safe mode at all?

if you can then dissable the auto restart function in my comp, right click it select properties/advanced then settings in the start up and recovery part and untick auto retart in the system failure part of that tab.

  Radix Lecti 17:16 25 Aug 06

Can't get in Safe Mode either :(

  ACOLYTE 17:20 25 Aug 06

Floppy recovery? you can dload a set of XP boot floppies for both XP/XP PRO i think there is 6 in total when you put them to floppy,but i dont know if you could run a reapir from them i have never tried,i would think you could).

  Radix Lecti 17:23 25 Aug 06

I don't think it's to do with the CD, as I've tried a few. So I guess it's a process thing and would imagine it may happen with floppies too.

  jono366 18:11 25 Aug 06

what was wrong with the pc in the first place?

  Radix Lecti 18:31 25 Aug 06

Well, it has an illegitimate instal of Windows XP and my friend purchased XP to go legal, but as he didn't want me to backup and format, I tried the route of changing the licence key with the Magic Jelly Bean software, and also with the official Microsoft applet, but this just wouldn't work. I thought that perhaps a critical file was damaged in some way, so performed the XP repair and that's where it's left me.

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