Domain Name & Web Hosting help please

  netlon 18:05 21 Jun 09

Hi there. I use Heart Internet web hosting package and my website resides in the public_html directory. My domain name which is registered with the hosting company points to the index.html in the public_html directory (by default I believe). I've got a new website that at present resides in public_html/newwebsite directory. I thought it would be a straight forward case of editing the domain name to point at the new directory but I can't seem to find out how to do it. I've opened a support ticket but I wondered if you had any suggestions here. TIA.

  Forum Editor 19:38 21 Jun 09

your new site to be the one that appears when someone types your domain name into a web browser?

If you are, you'll need to move the site into the public_html and you can do this by moving all the existing site files from that directory into a temporary directory - call it anything you like. Then publish the new site from your local hard drive to the public_html directory, and it will start working. When you're happy that all is well you can delete the temporary folder you created.

  mgmcc 19:40 21 Jun 09

Do you have the new site's INDEX.HTML file in the path:


  nenetwork 19:47 21 Jun 09

What about .htaccess file, try redirecting with that until you can find the correct way

  netlon 21:09 21 Jun 09

Thanks for your help on this issue. I'll have to move all files to public_html after all. Dangnabbit

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