Domain Name Registration

  johnincrete 07:04 AM 25 Jan 10

How niaive I am to think it would be straightforward!
Can anyone please recommend where I can register a .eu domain name that will accept that I live in Crete where our postal address does not fit a UK or US format. I have filled in many on-line forms but just cannot get the stupid web sites to accept them.
Also, I want to register as a church not as a private individual or business but nobody seems to have anything other than those options.

  Bebee 07:11 AM 25 Jan 10

I registered a society ( click here ) with LCN - click here

I began by contacting support who were very helpful, but had no problems with the normal registration page.

They offer free hosting for charities as well, but this may be only UK.

I'm not sure about the address problem, but support should be able to deal with that.

  Bebee 07:13 AM 25 Jan 10

Mis-spelled the web address click here - not that it's important to the answer.

  johnincrete 16:51 PM 29 Jan 10

Used 123 as recommended by friend and it was dead easy!


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