domain name company problems

  mags100 15:50 31 Aug 06

has anyone else had problems with Xreg or Coveria ? My domain name is with a company called who don't send out reminders for renewals. Unfortunately my domain name expired on 24 August and the site went down. I have attempted to renew the name - by transferring money into their account via Paypal. The amount I sent was the amount they asked for (2 years reg) but now the software says it is insufficient, I can't even renew for just one year (for the same reason). They do not respond to any emails or helpdesk queries.
I have never had helpdesk answers from them.
What can I do as my domain is down and they have 18 pounds of mine?

  gibbs1984 16:11 31 Aug 06

If there not replying to anything then I think you should go with another webhost, £18 seems a little to much for 2 years as well, I went with click here and they were very quick to respond to any E-Mails.

Register with someone else and try and get your £18 quid back, at least this way your website will still be running.

  Forum Editor 17:42 31 Aug 06

on the same subject. I'll close your Consumerwatch thread, and we'll concentrate on this one.

  mags100 18:03 31 Aug 06

but doesn't it cost 15 pounds to transfer a domain ? (according to all other threads I have read)

  mags100 18:05 31 Aug 06

apologies to forum editor - this subject seemed to fall into both the web forum and consumerwatch forum

  Forum Editor 19:50 31 Aug 06

I can see why you did what you did. It's just that it can be confusing and irritating for forum members who post in one thread, and then find that others are posting - perhaps with the same advice - in another.

  gibbs1984 08:54 01 Sep 06

I'm not sure exactly how it works but would you not be transferring it though cuase if it's expired you dont actually own that domain anymore so it should just cost you to sign up to a new host. I might be wrong though, that's just the way I see it.


  mags100 17:58 01 Sep 06

I actually got an email reply from Coveria yesterday afternoon, to an email I had sent through to Xreg about not being able to pay for one year at 8.88 when I had 17.41 in my account. They said the issue was corrected and to try again. So I did (they had my money whether I used it or not) and lo and behold, this morning my site was up again.
They still have the problem of a faulty calculator to tell you how much to send them, and they still have 8.53 of my money.

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