DOM Explorer - what is this?

  Yimbo 13:29 15 May 15

Recently, on wanting to google something, I've been getting "DOM Explorer" appearing right across the bottom of the screen. It displays all sorts of data which mean nothing to me, but until I close it, I can't go further with what I want to do.

It's very annoying! What is it? Why am I getting it? And, most of all, how do I get rid of it?

  rdave13 13:43 15 May 15

It's this , check if enabled in add-ons and disable it.

  rdave13 14:01 15 May 15

Check that your F12 key is not "stuck" as that brings up the Developer Tools up.

  Yimbo 14:40 15 May 15

Thanks rdave13. I found in add-ons "xml DOM document - enabled". I have disabled this - and hope that I've done the right thing.

I appreciate your help!

  Yimbo 15:04 15 May 15

Spoke too soon! It's still there!

  rdave13 19:10 15 May 15

Check the F12 key, keep tapping it gently to see if anything happens.

  rdave13 19:12 15 May 15

If a laptop you might have to use the fn key as well.

  Yimbo 12:55 16 May 15

Tapping F12 brings up DOM Explorer. But it also comes up e.g. when signing in to PCA, or elsewhere via Google.

  rdave13 13:33 16 May 15

If you have Windows 7 then you can disable the F12 Developer tools. I don't know if it works in Windows 8. click here.

  rdave13 13:44 16 May 15

It shows it works with Windows 8.

  Yimbo 13:46 16 May 15

Thanks rdave13 - - I've followed your link, but it looks like taking me into an area way beyond my skills. I had no DOM Explorer appearing when I signed into PCA this time, and perhaps if I just leave the F12 key alone and don't touch it, then all will be well! Hope so!

I'm grateful for all you patience and help!

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