Doggin' Problem

  milkybarkid 23:15 29 Jun 05

Have just reformated my PC. It is a Pent III and had 128 RAM which I have upped to 256. It runs Win ME and all I have installed is Win ME, MS Office & Norton Internet Security and it is absolutely doggin' (loading & running slow). I am inclined to upgrade the Hard drive (currently Quantum Fireball LCT20 17mb).
Am I going down the right avenue or could it be something else?

  madPentium 23:24 29 Jun 05

if it was running ok and is slower after a clean install with more ram, I cant see it being the hard drive.
Have you installed the correct motherboard drivers etc? have you changed the hard drive
settings in the bios?

  milkybarkid 23:30 29 Jun 05

Thanks madPentium. It wasnt running well b4 so that is why I reformated. Dont have disks for device drivers and therefore running on generiv drivers. Could that ge the problem?

  josie mayhem 23:44 29 Jun 05

Generic drivers could be the problem, How does it proform with out the new memeory, could be a memory issues.

If you know what motherboard (or model) you have, try the manufacters site, this also needs to be done for sound card, graphic card ect. If you have a shop purchased computer such as HP or avent, all drivers will be found on that site. But if in dooubt, download everest, and this will tell you what motherboard, memory ect that you have, and then you can find the relevent drivers on the manufacters sites as needed.

  De Marcus 23:49 29 Jun 05

Loading norton (read resource hogger) on such a low spec machine is going to cause problems, try uninstalling norton, check offline performance and post back. Otherwise, I'd bet on the GD being your prob.

  milkybarkid 23:53 29 Jun 05

josie mayhem. Where do I download Everest From?

  De Marcus 23:55 29 Jun 05
  milkybarkid 00:07 30 Jun 05

De Marcus, Thanks. Good aint it!

  De Marcus 00:35 30 Jun 05

It certainly is ;-)

  Kate B 12:39 30 Jun 05

*double-takes* For a moment I thought I'd stumbled into another kind of forum altogether!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 30 Jun 05

Norton is a well known resource hog, this is what is slowing you down.

Dump norton and install a free antivirus an antispyware progs which will do the job aswell if not better aswell as not slow you down as much.

firewall ZoneAlarm click here

Avast4 click here
or AVG antivirus click here

MSoftAntispy Beta click here
Spywareblaster click here

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