A Dog !

  lazanda 15:05 23 Sep 04

My boss has a little dog that appears on her screen in the bottom right which keeps having bubbles coming out of its mouth telling her she can 'make cash' anyone know how to get rid ?

Where do these people get off!


  JonnyTub 15:06 23 Sep 04

run the usual adaware and spybot virus checker etc

  Lionheart ? 15:10 23 Sep 04

Could be messenger (NOT MSN MESSENGER) try this fix click here

  lazanda 15:21 23 Sep 04


  lazanda 15:22 23 Sep 04

Thanks all.

  lazanda 12:25 28 Sep 04

In case anyone else has this and wants to get rid...
These 'people' install their software on your machine called 'Cashback' with the dog as a logo. when you try and unistall it asks you a series of questions ALL asking for criteria of their offers and none saying that you simply dont want it.It also askes you to connect to the www (no doubt to relay your info). when you try and delete thier file (locating it on your HD) it says you cant as its a 'sharing violation' or something.
The only way I found to get rid, is to ctrl alt del and go to the processes tab, find 'cashback' stop the proceess, then quickly delete the file.

This will get rid of it without the need to answer a series of questions form them.

These people make me so angry I could scream!!!

  end 12:39 28 Sep 04

and have you rerun the adaware, spybot ,virus etc thingis to recheck you system:)

you never know what the little dog just might have deposited somewhere:(

  lazanda 12:59 28 Sep 04

I run a virus check regularly since installing broadband. I want to get something to stop these people though.

  TommyRed 13:02 28 Sep 04

Have you tried SpywareBlaster which prevents the majority of 'nasties' installing in the first place. It's free from click here HTH TR

  lazanda 13:04 28 Sep 04

I havent't, but I will.

Thanks a lot.


  lazanda 13:05 28 Sep 04

Going to the download site I do have this already. But thanks anyway.

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